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2020 National Elite
Texas State Pageant
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We are an elite pageant system looking for poised, confident, beautiful girls who want to make a difference.  We provide a stress-free, exciting, high-quality online pageant experience.

There are 3 required competitions that are judged on a scale from 1-20:
Photogenic Competition
Simply submit your best head shot.  Judges looking for someone that is photogenic and age appropriate. 
Each contestant will fill out a resume so the judges can know what makes them special.
Say a 15-30 second introduction live on our private Facebook page.  Scores are judged on  appearance, personality and presentation.
Age divisions are determined by the age of the contestant as of January 1, 2020
  • Tiny Miss: 3-4 
  • Mini Miss: 5-6 
  • Little Miss: 7-9
  • Pre Teen Miss: 10-12
  • Teen Miss: 13-15 
  • Junior Miss: 16-18
  • Miss: 19-25
  • Ms: 20- Up
  • Mrs: Married 
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Here's how it works...
Photogenic Competition

Each contestant will email a Head shot no later than April 17th. The photos will be posted to the official National Elite Pageants Facebook page on April 18th to be judged by our panel of judges. 

Judges will be looking for someone who is photogenic and age appropriateness. 

Judged on a scale from 1-20.

Contestant Resume

Each contestant is required to fill out and email the attached resume. This is due no later than April 17th. 

Judges will be looking for community involvement including: 
School activities
Religious organizations
Charity work 
Volunteer involvement
Honors & Achievements

Judged on a scale from 1-20. 


Each contestant will be required to say a 15 – 30 second introduction live on the private Texas Facebook group page. 

A scheduled time will be emailed to each contestant to go live on April 19th in front of our panel of judges who will also be in our private group page. 

Attire: Interview Dress

Contestants will receive three different scores for this phase of competition: 

Overall appearance – Judged on a scale from 1-20.
Personality – Judged on a scale from 1-20.
Overall Presentation – Judged on a scale from 1-20. 

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Scholarship / Cash Prize
Each contestant is required to donate $50 for their age division’s scholarship prize fund. The winner in each age division will receive the total amount in funds which will be mailed to each Texas Queen. 
Forms and Fees
All forms and fees are due no later than April 17, 2020.
Queens Prize Package
Texas State Title Winners: Each Queen will receive an official National Elite custom Texas State satin sash, crown, cash scholarship, national news release and their  National entry fee paid to the 2020 National Elite Pageant.
Lone Star State Winner: Each Queen will receive an official National Elite custom State satin sash, crown, national news release and their National entry fee paid to the 2020 National Elite Pageant. 

Queens will be announced during our online Awards ceremony on
April 19th at 4:00 pm.

Rules & Requirements
  • Each National Elite Texas state titleholder must be a person of good moral character and act as a role model. 
  • Appropriate dress at all times and must maintain the same appearance as the day you were crowned when in sash and crown or at appearances. 
  • ​Refrain from smoking or drinking. 
  • ​Contestants in the Miss division and younger must not be pregnant or married or have ever been pregnant or married. 
  • ​Must be a Texas Resident.
  • ​Must participate in at least one community service activity or appearance a month and post on social media. This is a year long commitment. 
  • ​We encourage all Queens to advertise your appearances on your official fan page on social media and on our official National Elite Pageants social media pages. 
  • ​Must maintain good sportsmanship during and after the pageant. 
  • ​Contestants must be entered by a parent or legal guardian unless 18 years of age or older. 
  • ​No communication with the judges before or during the pageant. 
  • ​All judge’s decisions are final and may not be contested. 
  • ​No flippers. 
  • ​All photos entered for photogenic and portfolio contest may not be over 1 year old. 
  • ​2020 Texas State Queens & Lone Star State Queens are required to compete in the 2020 National Elite Pageant. If they do not compete in the pageant they will be required to relinquish their title and return their crown, sash, cash prize, and all awards back in the condition that it was received.
  • ​2020 Texas State Queens & Lone Star State Queens will not change out sash and crown with any other sash and crown for another system at an event. This is out of respect for National Elite Pageants and any other system you are representing. 
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